Sunday, September 11, 2016

It still hurts.


Two days ago, I received a tweet from a fan named Scott Cleere who told me that he missed me on AGT and that he could sure use a laugh on Sunday (today) because it wouldn’t be a good day for him. At the time I didn’t piece the dates together and I simply thanked him. Yesterday, he clarified his first tweet by telling me that his Dad, James, had been lost in the towers and that no remains had ever been recovered.

Until yesterday, I had only known one other person lost on that horrible day. But like all of us who remember it, all of those families and victims came out of the rubble and found an indelibly etched place in our hearts and psyche. We shared their pain and offered our prayers and love to them in the hope that somehow, however futile, we could ease their broken hearts.

I don’t know Scott, but I do. I can’t feel what he feels, but I try. After fifteen years, I still can’t watch the memorial without crying and wondering how anyone could hate that much.

Scott, I wish I could say something to make you laugh away your pain, but there is nothing in my heart today to enable me to do so. In the days which will follow, that will change of course, but for now, no, there is no laughter.

When I think back to those horrible days, the one bright spot in it all, was the sense of unity we shared. Our collective family had been attacked and for perhaps the first time since Pearl Harbor, we stood as one people, one nation-indivisible. I wish I could say that is the case today, but I can’t. But that is for another discussion on another day. For now, my heart and thoughts are with the Cleere family and all the others who lost a loved one.

The rubble is gone. The dust has settled. The memorials are built. History has been written. If we extract one thing from it all, let it be that the love and kinship we felt for one another in the aftermath prevails once again. That’s what I wish for Scott Cleere, his family, and the world.


  1. Well said. Sorry for everyone's loss. It is a day we will never forget.

  2. I am burying my Mom today... fitting that it's 9/11. She was quite the patriot and watched the terror of 9/11 with a very sad and questioning heart. She had her husband, son, and daughter (me) in the military, fighting to keep America free and realizing this IS why we join the protect those who cannot protect themselves. We now fight to ensure this type of maniacal, senseless tragedy never happens again. My family's pain is different than those families who lost loved ones in the Sept. 11th attacks, but I still feel it's an honor for her to share this day with all those who have perished. She would feel honored and was proud of her military family.
    To Scott: we are so sorry for your loss. Words cannot make sense of such a cowardly act. Please know that there are many of us who have attempted to bring those responsible to justice, and continue to do so. Much love to you all.
    Julia, I had to miss your last performance on AGT due to tending my Mom, however I was supporting you in spirit. Much continued success!

  3. Well said Julia. Anyone who was born after 9/11 will never understand the feelings and emotions that ran through that day and the days after. How u can feel that way about people you have never met or even knew existed, was amazing! We will never forget the pain from that day as will the ones who were directly offected. I still pray for everyone gone and still here. But you are right we stood as one nation, one people, that day it didn't matter if you were man or woman, what color your skin was or what your religious beliefs were. We came together and I hope we can again but without an act of terrorism. God Bless and thank you Julia for your kind words and love for fellow Americans.