Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some groovy news!

So, I’m about to hit one-thousand viewings on this blog, which “they” (people who know more than I do about this subject) tell me is very good for less than two weeks in the blogosphere.

I’m very excited to be hitting this number because it means now I’ll have four spaces on my little blog odometer, or ‘Blogodometer”, and because I’m nearly able to believe that some people actually read it and what’s more, like it. Oh sure, the pessimist in me believes that it could also be a freak occurrence, caused by a super intelligent monkey at the Bronx Zoo pilfering a laptop and defying all odds by accidentally landing on my blog and constantly hitting the same button over and over. But years of exponentially blowing past the annual dollar amount allotted to me for therapy by my health insurance forces me to consider the former scenario and not the latter. Although I must say the mental wrestling match going on in my head strongly favors the monkey.

According to my friend “G’, hereafter synonymous with ‘they’, people are starting to follow this on Twitter and a couple of Internet newspapers are carrying it to all parts of the world, including New Jersey! Already, a team of crack linguists and translators are converting my little comedy act into Vietnamese, so that when I am booked at the Ng Ng Nuy (Vietnamese for the Saigon Laughing Loony Bin and Comedy Emporium), I shall be able to confidently stride to the stage and phonetically make ‘em laugh. In fact, I am flying to the province of Koala Lamborghini in Upper Granola tonight to do a ten-minute guest set at the Aurora Borealis Flying Fin Seafood House and Comedy Nut House.

What does this all mean? There can’t be that many on-the-verge-of-senior-citizenry transgender comedians in Outer Blogovia, can there? OTHER people must be reading it too, right?  

I can only surmise that there is something relatable in Inside and Out that resonates with people...all people. And that’s way cool, because each time a non-transgendered person reads something that causes them to laugh or say, “oh I know that feeling”, another stone is removed from the wall of hatred that separates us. Eventually, enough stones are removed so that we can shake hands. And finally, when all the stones are gone, we can hug; assuming you have good hygiene of course....I don’t want to be hugging no smelly people! Some people will take the stone and think about chucking it at our heads. But hopefully they will be too busy laughing at how really foolish hating is. Yeah, comedy is that cool.

So what’s next? Well, based on the response so far (it’s six hours after I started it), we shot past the one thousand mark and have hit one thousand and twenty. It appears to me that if you and I continue to do our jobs, (I’ll write it and you laugh and pass it along to others) eventually this will grow and we’ll be the cool kids for a change; not the ones who take pleasure in the pain of others. “We” can become the “They” that makes “Them”, us.

P.S. I heard this really great blues band in Asbury Park tonight called The Fins. That’s why I’m so late getting this done. Okay, I made up the part about the guest set at the Aurora Borealis Flying Fin Seafood House and Comedy Nut House.  Hey, a girl’s gotta have some fun once in a while! Check them out.  And call your local comedy club and tell them to book me.      

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